Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Exhibition, Paris

The Exhibition, Milan
The Exhibition, Bonn 
The Exhibition, Berlin
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In the fourth incarnation of the exhibition, at the RCM Galerie in Paris, gallery director Robert Murphy requested and selected additional work from each artist. Here we take you around the gallery clockwise, pausing to view the new work in the exhibition. If you are in Paris, 10 Ways is up through November 21, 2016.

The gallery at 32 Rue de Lille, with one of the original 10 Ways works, by Daniel G. Hill

Closer view of Hill's woven painting, with each artist's books in plexi boxes visible behind it

We start our clockwise tour of the gallery: Hill in window, the artists' books, additional painting by Don Voisine

Don Voisine

Continuing toward the back, with additional work by Susan Smith and John Goodyear, respectively, and a wall of works from the original show 

Susan Smith

John Goodyear

Panorama of half the gallery

The original small show. (Hill's work is in the window; Lorenza Sannai's is on the wall at right in the image just above this one)

Additional work by Lorenza Sannai, Joanne Mattera

Joanne Mattera thread-and-pin-on-paper drawings

Mattera, Sannai, Hill, Sannai

Additional work by Daniel G. Hill

Additional work by Lorenza Sannai

Sannai painting; sculpture by a gallery artist

All Paris photos by Daniel G. Hill

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