Friday, June 5, 2015

The Exhibition, Bonn

The Exhibition, Milan
The Exhibition, Berlin
The Exhibition, Paris
The Books
The Catalog

After an extended run in Milan, 10 Ways traveled to Clement & Schneider in Bonn, Germany, where it remained on view through November, 2015. 

Theatrical view into the dark-walled gallery
All photos by Christoph Jaschke/Clement & Schneider

From left: Don Voisine, Power Boothe, Lorenza Sannai, Joanne Mattera, Stephen Westfall

Continuing around the gallery: Susan Smith, Daniel G. Hill, Lynne Harlow, James Juszczyk. John Goodyear

View showing the artists' books in their plexi cases, with a volume by Stephen Westfall featured prominently

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