Wednesday, June 10, 2015

An exhibition curated by Lorenza Sannai,
shown in galleries in Milan, Bonn, Berlin, and Paris

The Exhibition, Milan
The Exhibition, Bonn 
The Exhibition, Berlin
The Exhibition, Paris
The Books
The Catalog

For the exhibition 10 Ways, artist curator Lorenza Sannai has brought the work of 10 members of the New York City-based group, American Abstract Artists, to four cities in Europe. Geometry and small scale are the unifying elements in a show that includes one artwork and a related small edition of 10 books by each artist. The artists are Power Boothe, John Goodyear, Lynne Harlow, Daniel G. Hill, James Juszczyk, Joanne Mattera, Lorenza Sannai, Susan Smith, Don Voisine, and Stephen Westfall.

The exhibition began in Milan, running May-June, 2015

 The exhibition traveled to Clement & Schneider, Bonn, in Fall 2015
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It then traveled to Dr. Julius in Berlin, where it ran April-June, 2016
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The exhibition is now at RCM Galerie, Paris, October 20-November 21, where it is augmented with additional work by the artists, selected by gallery directors, Robert and Camille Murphy
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