Monday, June 1, 2015

The Books

The Exhibition, Milan
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The Exhibition, Berlin
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The Books
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Each book consists of a four-page volume of card stock that folds into itself. Curator Lorenza Sannai had each artist's group of 10 printed with her or his name on the front and a brief bio on each. It was up to the individual artists to determine whether their books would consist of  individually conceived and realized volumes or a series of 10 that are identical or nearly so. 

The project was carried over a period of about three months in each artist's studio, coming together for the first time in this exhibition.  As Sannai noted in her catalogue essay, the combination of artwork and book was intended as a dialogue. In the intimacy of the  gallery, those dialogues became a larger conversation about geometry, scale, and material, as well as about how we "read" art. The artworks are included here as reference. 
Photographs of the artist books are by Jim Osman unless noted otherwise.

Daniel G. Hill

Lorenza Sannai photo

Don Voisine

Power Boothe

Stephen Westfall

John Goodyear

Goodyear: "The arrangement of the converging shapes is identical in the first three pages of all books; however, the concluding integration is different in each of the ten."

Lynne Harlow

Joanne Mattera

Mattera: "I opted for a series of 10 identical books, engaging the diagonal reductively with pencil, thread and negative space. It was conceived as conversation with my painting, Slant 4, in which the two panels read as a kind of open book."

Joanne Mattera photo

Lorenza Sannai

Susan Smith

Smith: "Each book has been constructed with different untouched found papers. Each book is unique because my dialogue with these papers drives the concept."

Above and two below: Susan Smith photos

James Juszczyk