Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Exhibition, Berlin

The Exhibition, Milan
The Exhibition, Bonn
The Exhibition, Paris
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In its third venue, 10 Ways, was at Dr. Julius in Berlin in April-June, 2016. (American artists ask if the gallery name refers to the basketball player, Dr. J.  No, the name has a more formidable referent. Located on Leberstrasse, it is named for Dr. Julius Leber, a German resistance fighter who died a hero.)

Dr. Julius, Berlin
Image from the Internet

Installation view with the artists' books
All photos: Lorenza Sannai

From left: Stephen Westfall, Don Voisine, Lynne Harlow, James Juszczyk, Joanne Mattera

Mattera, Daniel G. Hill, Lorenza Sannai, Susan Smith

Hill, Sannai, Smith, Power Boothe, John Goodyear

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